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New My Blood Pressure version and New Programs

This webpage is for existing My Blood Pressure users who want to:

  • Upgrade to the new version. (Please see the “Upgrade to My Blood Pressure version 3″ section below.)
  • Purchase one (or more) of our new programs at the discounted price.
  • Purchase an optional upgrade CD of the new version of My Blood Pressure.

New Programs and Upgrade CD

To read more about one of the new programs, or to download a free trial, click on the program link in the descriptions below.

These discounted prices are only available to people who have purchased My Blood Pressure in the past.

To purchase an upgrade CD and/or one or more of the new programs, check one or more boxes below, and click the Purchase Now button.

Price (US Dollars) Description
$9.95 My Blood Pressure upgrade version 3 CD.
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My Weight Software will chart and project weight. (and optionally waist measurements)
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My Blood Glucose software will track and chart blood glucose levels.
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My Cholesterol software will chart cholesterol readings. (HDL’s, LDL’s and triglycerides)
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My Body Temperature software will chart body temperature readings from thermometers.
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My Blood Oxygen software will chart blood oxygen levels for people using a pulse oximeter.
$19.95 (Save $10 / 33%) My INR software will record INR readings and warfarin dosage for those managing blood anticoagulation with a home INR monitoring device or laboratory results.

Upgrade to My Blood Pressure version 3

Upgrade – Preparation

While the new version of My Blood Pressure will try to make backups of your readings and settings, it is strongly recommended that you make your own backups. The most important location to backup is the “My BP” subfolder of your “[My] Documents” folder. In addition, having a hard copy backup by printing out a report containing all your readings can also be a good idea.

If you do not have a standard method of backing up your documents, please see: Backup your blood pressure readings for a quick backup method.

Please note: the new version requires Windows XP or later. If you are running Windows 98 or ME or 2k, please email us at support@my-health-software.com.

Upgrade – Installing

Firstly shutdown any running instances of My Blood Pressure. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the heart icon in your System Tray, and then click on “Shutdown My-BP”. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:


Then follow the steps below:

  1. Click the following link: download to start the download.
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer you are asked whether to Run or Save the file. Click on Run.
  3. If you are running Windows XP or Vista you may see security warnings from Internet Explorer. Please click on Run or Allow.
  4. Once the download completes (approximately 10 minutes at dial up speeds), the Installation wizard appears. Follow the Installation wizards prompts, choosing the default options.

At this point you should be looking at the main My Blood Pressure window. It looks a bit different to version 2, but it should be recognizable. If you have used My Blood Pressure on your computer in the past (i.e. it is not a fresh install), click on the “View readings” task to check that your readings have been converted. Also click on the “Change user” task to check that all users have been converted.

Note: The new version will be running in “trial” mode until you complete the steps below to upgrade your license.

Upgrade – Licensing

The new version of My Blood Pressure uses a different licensing system. The keycodes that were used in versions 2 and 1 will no longer work in version 3.

To upgrade your keycode and obtain a license for the new version, go to our Keycode upgrade page.

New Features

For more information about the new version, please see the Guide to Version 3 for Version 2 users.

More Help

If you run into any problems, require any assistance, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@my-health-software.com or post a question on our new forum.