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The My Blood Pressure Newsletter is a monthly newsletter, that contains information to help you manage your blood pressure.

  • Stay in touch with the latest blood pressure related news stories and research.
  • Learn how to make better use of the My Blood Pressure software to track and chart your blood pressure readings.
  • Read personal stories from our users and subscribers on how they live with and manage their blood pressure.


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My Blood Pressure Newsletter



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About Us

The newsletter is put together by a brother and sister team.

Steven Alan is 39 and is the programmer of the My Blood Pressure software. Steve was diagnosed with high blood pressure in February 2004. For the full story, please see the article My High Blood Pressure. Steve needs to monitor his blood pressure regularly, and will probably need to do so for the rest of his life. Steve’s systolic blood pressure was over 200 at one point, but recently he has got his blood pressure under control, and most readings are below 120/80.

Steve is responsible for contributing news about the software as well as tips and tricks for using the software.

Kellie Helen (Steve’s sister) is 37 and a full time mother to a 7 and 5 year old. In her spare time!, she has started working with Steve on the website
and newsletter. Kellie grew up in a household which had its fair share of blood pressure problems! Their father has always had high blood pressure, but somehow Steve got all the high blood pressure genes, while in her teens, Kellie used to suffer from her blood pressure being too low. Kellie worked in the medical and surgical industry before becoming a full time mum, and is looking forward to spending more time on this project as her kids get older.

Kellie is responsible for scouring the net for news stories of interest to people who monitor their blood pressure, and collecting and organizing stories contributed by subscribers.


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