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Welcome to My Blood Pressure Media Resources! If your readers are interested in their health and you write for a computer or health magazine, newspaper, web site, or blog, we have many resources to help you.

If you require any further information, have any questions or would like a free reviewers copy please feel free to email me at kellie@my-blood-pressure.com.
Many thanks and happy writing!

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How much does My Blood Pressure cost and how do I order a copy? My Blood Pressure costs $29.95 for electronic delivery, $39.95 for a CD including world wide shipping. It can be ordered securely on-line by visiting the purchase page of the My Blood Pressure website. http://www.my-blood-pressure.com/buy.html

What is the upgrade policy? All future upgrades for My Blood Pressure software are free.

Can I trial My Blood Pressure first? Yes, My Blood Pressure can be trialed for free for 15 days from the Download page.

Is there a Mac version? No, there are no plans to develop a version for the Mac.

Is My Blood Pressure Adware?, does My Blood Pressure have any Spyware? No and No.

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Home Monitoring In The News

  • Source: AMNews; Newspaper for America’s Physicians. 11th June 2007. A study published in the American Medical Association newspaper reported that blood pressure readings taken in a doctors office are often unreliable.
  • Source: Reuters. 7th June 2007. Researched published in the American Journal of Hypertension showed home blood pressure monitoring is a better indicator of tracking heart risk than measurements taken in the doctors office.

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The My Blood Pressure Newsletter is a free monthly newsletter that contains information to help people manage their blood pressure. Each edition also includes personal stories from our users and subscribers on how they live with and manage their blood pressure.

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