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Enter a peak flow reading and asthma symptoms

Click on the Enter a reading task to enter a reading from your peak flow meter and your asthma symptoms.

A screenshot of the Enter Reading window is below:

The Date and Time of this window are the current date and time, but can be changed using the up and down arrows.

The Peak Flow number contains the same reading that was last entered. Press the Delete key to remove the old number and enter the new number from your peak flow meter.

In addition, you can optionally enter asthma symptoms, whether extra medicine was used, and any notes.

Asthma Symptoms

Various asthma symptoms can be rated between 0- None and 3-Serious. To change the symptoms rating, click on the down arrow next to each symptom, and select the appropriate rating. The symptoms are:

  • Activity effect … were asthma symptoms (wheeze, cough, chest tightness, or shortness of breath) present during activity?
  • Cough … was coughing present? (None, Occasional , Frequent or Continuous)
  • Wheeze … was wheezing present? (To breathe with difficulty, producing a hoarse whistling sound)
  • Shortness of Breath … was shortness of breath present? (Breathing difficulties involve a sensation of difficult or uncomfortable breathing or a feeling of not getting enough air)
  • Chest tightness … was chest tightness present (Inflammation and tightening that asthma can cause in airways can lead to an uncomfortable pressure in the chest)


  • Clicking on the underlined symptoms names will open a help message describing the symptoms and ratings.
  • If you are entering multiple readings, clicking on the Next Day button will enter the current reading, and then re-open the window with the date set one day forward. Clicking on the Same Day button will enter the current reading, and then re-open the window with the same date and time.
  • You can enter peak flow readings and asthma symptoms for more than one person. For more information please see the Managing your asthma? or your children’s asthma? help topic.

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