Enter a peak flow reading and asthma symptoms
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Email your peak flow readings and Symptoms

You can use Peak Flow to send an email containing your peak flow readings and symptoms (in CSV format) and a chart of your peak flow readings (in JPEG format).

To do this, click on the File menu, then click on Email Chart and Readings…. This should cause your default email client to open and create a new email message containing your readings and an attached chart.

On some systems, this may not work due to security settings on the computer stopping programs (like Peak Flow ) from sending emails. If this is the case you can firstly save your readings and chart to you hard drive and then manually create and send the message. To do this:

  1. Click on the File menu, then click on Save Chart and Readings To…
  2. Select the folder to save the files to (for example select “My Documents”).
  3. Peak Flow will then tell you the filenames of the chart and csv reading file. Take a note of these filenames.
  4. Open your email client and attach these two files (you took note of in the previous step) to the email.