Charting peak flow measurements
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Charting your peak flow readings

Click on the View chart task to see a chart of your peak flow readings.

Below is a screenshot of a peak flow chart:

peak flow chart
(Click to Enlarge)

The plot line changes color according to which zone the reading is in. The green zone is from 80% to 100% of the best peak flow, The yellow zone is 50% to 80% of the best peak flow and the red zone is below 50%.

Chart Options

Click on the Open chart options task to change how the chart is displayed.

Peak Flow Chart Options

Changing the dates of the chart

To change the date range of the chart, clicking on the Open chart options task, and then click the Change button.

peak flow chart date range

Choose either a period of time (back from the last entered reading), or a specific start and end date.


  • Click on the Zoom chart in task to see the chart with less readings. Click on the Zoom chart out task to see the chart with more readings.
  • Right-click on the chart to display a popup menu with shortcut controls to change most of the chart’s display options.
  • The minimum date range is 3 days.

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