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Changing the Best Peak Flow

Your best peak flow number is used throughout Peak Flow to calculate whether a reading is in your green, yellow or red zone.

Peak Flow can either use the highest peak flow reading you have entered, or you can override this and enter the best peak flow your doctor has told you to use.

To change the best peak flow, click on the Tasks menu, then click on Change Best Peak Flow….

best peak flow

  • Select the Use highest reading entered into My Peak Flow option if you want Peak Flow to track and use your highest reading as your best peak flow.
  • Select the Use my own best peak flow option, and enter the number into the number box below it.

Click on the Advanced Options button to open the Advanced Options. In this window you can change the percentage bands that determine whether a reading is in the green, yellow or red zones. Changing the advanced options is not recommended unless you are advised by you doctor to do this.

This window also includes the current calculation of your green, yellow and red zones.


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