Managing your asthma? or your children's asthma?
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Managing your asthma? or your children’s asthma?

Peak Flow is designed to be used by two types of users:

  • If you have asthma yourself, you can enter and track your own peak flow readings and asthma symptoms.
  • If you have one or more children with asthma, you can enter readings and symptoms for one or more “users” that you setup. Each child would have a separate user account that you can quickly switch between.

Managing multiple children with asthma

To use Peak Flow for multiple children:

  1. Setup each child as a new user. For more information about how to add a new user, please see the changing and adding users help topic.
  2. When using Peak Flow, the current selected user’s name is displayed in the main window’s title bar. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:
  3. To enter a reading/symptoms, or print a report/diary for a different child, click on the Change user task.


  • Each user has a separate best peak flow. For more information on setting the Best Peak Flow, see the Best Peak Flow help topic.