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Transferring to a new computer

To transfer your readings and settings to a new computer:

On your old computer

  • Open My Blood Pressure and create a backup file of all your data. For more information see the Backup help topic
  • Transfer this file to the new computer.

On your new computer

  1. Download and install a new copy of My Blood Pressure from the webpage at download
  2. Start My Blood Pressure. During the setup wizard you will be asked for your username. You can enter the same name you used on your old computer, however this is not necessary.
  3. Enter your keycode. For more information see the webpagewebpage
  4. Restore your readings and settings from the backup file you transfered from your old computer. For more information see the Restore help topic

If your old computer is running a version of My Blood Pressure prior to v2

The backup and restore features were introduced in version 2 of My Blood Pressure. If your old computer is running an older version, firstly upgrade it to v2, or follow the steps below to transfer your readings only:

  1. Copy the [My Documents]\My BP\[user name].xml file to your new computer.
  2. Install My Blood Pressure on your new computer.
  3. When My Blood Pressure first starts it will ask you for your name. Enter the same name and My Blood Pressure will find the data that you copied in step 1/.


  • Using backup and restore is the preferred way to transfer your data to a new computer because both your readings and settings are transfered in a single file.

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