Setting a Reminder to use your Blood Pressure Monitor
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Reminder to take a reading

My Blood Pressure can remind you to take and enter a blood pressure reading.

Click on the Set reminder task to open the reminder settings window.

Setting when to be reminded

Setting blood pressure reminders

Choose either to be reminded after a certain number of hours have passed, or at the same time each day, or twice per day.

If one or more reminders is missed because your computer is turned off, My Blood Pressure will remind you once when you first turn your computer on. My Blood Pressure can be configured to wait a number of minutes after turning on your computer before reminding you to take a reading.

How reminding works

When you enable reminders:

  • My Blood Pressure adds itself to your System Tray (near your clock).
  • My Blood Pressure will automatically run when you start your computer.

When it is time to remind you to take a blood pressure reading, the icon in the System Tray area will turn into a “beating” heart, and a balloon tip will appear. Clicking on the icon will open My Blood Pressure. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Being reminded to take your blood pressure


  • When reminders are enabled, closing My Blood Pressure will minimize it to the System Tray. If you want to stop My Blood Pressure from running, click on the File menu, then click Shutdown. Note: if you do shutdown, My Blood Pressure can no longer remind you to take a reading.

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