Importing and Exporting Blood Pressure Readings
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Importing and Exporting

Importing from another program

My Blood Pressure can import readings from comma or tab separated text files.

Click on the Import readings task and choose the file you wish to import. The Import Settings window will then be displayed

  • Separator: Choose whether the data is separated by commas or tabs.
  • Skip First Line: If the file includes column headers, check this box to ignore them as data.
  • Date: Enter the column in which the date appears.
  • Order: Enter the day – month – year order of the dates. My Blood Pressure understands both numerical months and named months.
  • Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Notes: Select the column number for each of these readings. If your file does not contain Notes or a Pulse reading you should select none.


Click on the Export readings task and choose the file you wish to save your readings to. My Blood Pressure will write a comma separated file of all your readings.


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