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Email a report

There are two ways to email a report; 1/ Emailing a webpage report and 2/ Emailing a csv report.

Unfortunately due to spam and security issues there is no single best solution for emailing a report, and some solutions may not work at all with your email client program and security settings.

The first solution (Emailing a webpage report) creates an “HTML” email which has a higher probability of being blocked if the recipient uses a spam-blocker. The second solution (Emailing a csv report) creates a “Comma Separated Value” text file email, which is less likely to be blocked by a spam filter, but contains no formatting.

Email the webpage report

A webpage report is formatted similarly to the printed report. It contains the printed chart, the averages table and readings table.

My Blood Pressure can not directly email this report, however you can open the webpage report in your default webbrowser and use the webbrowser to send the email. For most combinations of webbrowser and email client program, this has the best probability of working.

To email the webpage report, follow the instructions in the Creating a Webpage report help topic. After the report is saved, you are asked: “Would you like to open the report in your default browser?. Click on the Yes button. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Open blood pressure report in your browser

How to send the webpage as an email depends on your webbrowser and email client program. In some cases it is not possible. Look for an email toolbar or use the “File/Send” menu. For example, if you use Internet Explorer and Outlook, click on Internet Explorer’s File menu, then click on Send, then Page by email…. This will create an email in Outlook Express containing the formatted report.

Email a CSV report

Emailing a CSV report creates an email containing the chart and your reading history.

Click on the File menu, then click on Email chart and readings. An email is created in your default email application. The list of readings is included in the body of the email and a chart of your readings is attached to the email. You need to address the email, enter a subject and send it.

Certain email applications do not allow other programs (like My Blood Pressure) to create emails. If nothing happens, use the Save Chart and Readings To… command and manually create and send the email.


  • The webpage report and csv report are created using the same options as the printed report (for example the date range of the chart, the number of readings to include etc). To change these options, click on the File menu, then click on Report Options…. For more information on these options see the Report Help Topic

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