Entering a Blood Pressure Reading
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To enter a reading

To enter a reading from your Blood Pressure Monitor machine, click on the Enter a reading task. This opens the Enter Reading window which is displayed below:

Enter a blood pressure reading

The date and time are set to the current date and time, but can be changed using the up and down arrows or the drop down calender.

The systolic (higher reading) and diastolic (lower reading) are pre-filled with the same readings that were last entered.

In addition, you can optionally enter a pulse reading and notes. If your monitor machine does not give you a pulse reading, either leave it blank or enter 0.


  • If you are entering multiple readings, clicking on the Add Another buttons will enter the current reading, and then re-open the dialog so you can enter another reading. If you click on the Same Day button, the date will be preset to the same date as the last reading. If you click on the Next Day button, the date will be moved forward one day.
  • New in version 2.1: Press the F3 button to view the notes from your recent readings. This can make it easier to copy and paste a similar note from an old reading.
  • New in version 2.1: Right-click in the Notes text area, then click on Insert to define token words or phrases that can be quickly inserted into a reading’s notes. For example, if you regularly note whether you are standing or sitting when you take a reading, you could add standing and sitting as tokens.

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