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Using the Averages Tool

New in version 2.1 of My Blood Pressure is the ability to create groups of readings based not only on date and time, but also on words in the reading’s notes. For more information, please see the new Reading Groups help topic.

The Averages Tool displays statistics of your reading groups. Each average row contains a different group of your readings, based on the date and time and notes of the readings.

By default, four groups are included; 1/ All your readings, 2/ Readings taken in the last 30 days, 3/ All your readings taken in the AM, and 4/ All your readings in the PM.

A screenshot of the Averages Tool window is below:

Blood pressure reading averages tool
Click to enlarge

Adding or editing a group

To add a new group click on the Add New Group button.

To edit a group, double click on its row, or right click on the row and then click on Edit Group…

For more information on adding or editing groups, please see the new Reading Groups help topic.

Show Readings

Clicking on the Show Readings button displays the readings that are currently matched by the group. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Matched readings

Clicking on the Print Simple Report… button will print a report containing a chart and table of only those reading in the group. Note: In future versions, this feature will be more accessible and more integrated.


  • Each cell contains two statistics with the format Arithmetic Mean (Standard Deviation). The arithmetic mean is more commonly known as the average, and the standard deviation is a measure of the spread of readings.
  • The columns are for 1/ Systolic readings, 2/ Diastolic readings, 3/ Pulse readings and 4/ Pulse Pressure. Pulse Pressure is the difference between the systolic reading and diastolic reading.
  • Double click on a row to edit its group.
  • Right click on a row, and then click on Move Up or Move Down to change its position in the list.
  • In version 2.1, you can see which groups a reading belongs to by clicking on the Edit readings task, selecting a reading, and then clicking on the Show reading’s groups task.

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