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About Us

Welcome! My Health Software is run by Steve and Kellie, a brother and sister team from Australia.

Steve created health charting software after being diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2004. My Blood Pressure software was created to help remind him to take a blood pressure reading and to provide an information report for his doctor. Steve is the designer and programmer of the My Health Software health charting programs.

Steve’s sister Kellie works part time on the website and news items for the My Health Software programs. Kellie worked in the medical industry and is now a full time mum to two gorgeous children, in addition to working with Steve.

Thank you for visiting – we hope charting your health can help you too!


We provide all support by email and will normally reply within 24 hours.

If you have a question or problem please send an email describing the problem or question to:email support support@my-health-software.com

The postal address for My Health Software is:

My Health Software
PO Box 341
Newport Beach, NSW, 2039

Ph: +61 2 9028 7093
Fax: +61 2 9028 7094