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Probiotics help fight disease

It is commonly acknowledged that live probiotic ‘friendly’ bacteria such as those found in yoghurts are good for your health. Researchers have now discovered why.

The research

Probiotics with live bacteria, such as yogurt drinks actually change the make-up of the intestinal gut microbes, according to the new report.

The gut microbes are important for a healthy metabolism. Abnormalities in these microbes have been linked to metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Study conclusion

The study was published in Molecular Systems Biology in January.

The study authors wrote in conclusion “Our results strongly suggest that changes across a whole range of metabolic pathways result from gut microbial-mammalian metabolic interactions that can be oriented using probiotic supplementation, and which may play a role in metabolic health.

The researchers support the consumption of live bacteria for good health.


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