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Working while fatigued is bad for your blood pressure

Continuing to work when feeling tired and fatigued can be bad for your blood pressure and health.

New research from the University of Alabama, Birmingham shows that when someone is exhausted, their cardiovascular systems are forced to work harder when they attempt to complete tasks on the job or at school.

The fatigued study

80 people were asked to memorize in 2 minutes a group of meaningless letters, for example ‘AED’. They were offered a small prize for doing so.

They were also asked to record how tired they felt and researchers monitored their blood pressure and heart rate throughout.

Researchers found that fatigued individuals had larger blood pressure increases than rested individuals when completing a task they thought was achievable and worthwhile.

Researchers conclusions

Professor Wright, who led the study said, “It might be argued that fatigue is of little concern from a health standpoint because people will tend to withdraw effort once they become fatigued.” However, Prof. Wright added, “The problem with this view is that it fails to recognize that people do not always have the luxury of withdrawing effort or perhaps the wisdom to do so.”


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