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Womens risk of heart disease

A new study has shown that women account for over half of the nearly 1 million cardiovascular deaths each year in the USA. However, many women don’t realize they are at risk for heart disease.

Womens heart study

8,936 women were screened for heart health risks at the 2006 Sister to Sister National Woman’s Heart Day events in 14 major American cities. The screening included:

  • cholesterol levels
  • blood glucose levels
  • blood pressure
  • body mass index and waist circumference measurement
  • a questionnaire to gather demographic data, individual and family medical history, and use of medication.

Almost half of the women were unaware of the connection between risk factors, such as high blood pressure and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Many women were unaware of their risk factors when screened.

Most of the women had one or more risk factors for heart disease. Over half had high blood pressure or pre-hypertension. 75% were deemed overweight or obese.

Researchers comments

Dr. Irene Pollin president of the Sister to Sister: Everyone Has a Heart Foundation said, “Our goal at Sister to Sister is to emphasize how vital it is for women to be adequately screened for potential cardiovascular disease.” She added, It is critical not only for women but for their families because they typically are the household decision-makers about diet and exercise.”


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