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Blood Pressure Under Control

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in the My Blood Pressure Newsletter. If you are interested in having your blood pressure story told, please email Kellie or Steve at support@my-health-software.com.

Interview with William Stewart

Kellie: Can you tell me about yourself?

William: I will be 75 next month and have always been in good health (retired military – “Black Watch”), except for high BP for the past several years which now seems to be getting under control.

Kellie: How did you find out that you had high blood pressure?

William: I guess I’ve had high blood pressure for about 4 or 5 years. Discovered by my family doctor who put me on several prescriptions which more or less kept it under control. About two months ago he said it wouldn’t hurt to also start taking one of those baby aspirin tablets per day. I use your blood chart all the time now and the last “red dot” was on 9th Jun, with only 2nd or 3rd in May. Most of the “red dots” were in the Spring and before. So I feel pretty good about it and your chart takes the pencil recording work out of it (as I had been doing for the past few years). Now using your chart is as much fun as playing solitaire on my PC, especially as your chart/graph makes me more of a winner than does solitaire!

William’s blood pressure chart:

William's Blood Pressure Chart
William’s BP chart: – click to enlarge

Kellie: How is your health in general?

William: Unfortunately, about two months ago I started experiencing severe pains on my right leg. I saw a Neurologist last week and all he said was -”Stroke”. He is a likeable little Chinese Doctor who I have difficulty understanding. Anyhow, he is getting some tests done, I had a Bone Scan done last week, and am waiting to receive appointments for a CT scan and MRI. Hope they come soon and get this problem “sorted” as it sure has affected my golf!

Kellie: You mentioned in the last email that you were getting pains in your leg. Is that still happening? You said that you were getting some tests done. How did they turn out?

William: Yes, unfortunately it is still going on. First they thought it was a stroke, now they are thinking more in terms of Sciatica. I have had a Bone Scan and an MRI and will have a CTScan on 27th July. Hopefully, sometime after that they can put all the pieces together and tell me exactly what is what.

Kellie: How do you monitor your blood pressure?

William: Last month I decided to try taking my blood test on my right arm for a change. It shot off the scale (almost) I think it had something to do with our old monitor, probably leaked a bit of air when I put it on the right arm. Anyhow I’ll see if I can email you the results since then. The new Monitor named a OMRON seems to work well and even inflates itself. The wonders of technology.

William's Blood Pressure Chart2
William’s recent chart: – click to enlarge

Kellie: Thank-you so much for sending me information for your blood pressure story!


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