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Support Forum Topic: What do you think of Resperate?
Started by: Kellie (My Health Software Support)
Date: March 18, 2009


I came across a study on using Resperate to lower blood pressure. The results surprised me!


If you have any experience or knowledge on Resperate I would love to read about it.

Thanks! Kellie


10 Responses to “What do you think of Resperate?”

  1. Ray says:

    .KEllie, good story on the resparate. A friend had some success with one a while back and I asked my doctor about it. He told me that it would be better for me to walk for 15 minutes than breathe slowly for 15 minutes. Huh! I think he is probably right. Thankyou for your stories. It is good to see them come up in the news. Ray

  2. Shelly1941 says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I bought a Resperate about 3 or so years ago, but the model I own is newer as I had a problem that the company couldn’t fix, so they sent me a brand new one. I’ve used it off and on in that time, without noticing a drop in my blood pressure. (I say noticing, because it usually varies 30 to 50 points a day, and the variation doesn’t seem related to anything — amount of exercise, sleep, diet, emotional state — all of which it’s possible to chart with your amazing software.) The device itself is relaxing and easy to use: fasten a sensor around your chest with an adjustable strap, put on earphones, and turn on the Resperate, which resembles a portable CD player of a few years back. The sensor measures your normal breathing rate, and then plays musical tones to guide you to breathe fewer than ten breaths a minute. You’re supposed to use it for 15 minutes a day, but I recently reduced it to ten. I find it very relaxing, so much so that 15 minutes could put me to sleep.

    The main reason I don’t use it consistently is that using it even a few minutes brings my pulse or heart rate down to 60 or so beats a minute. However, my body never read the book that said when your heart rate is lowered, your blood pressure is also. Instead, my blood pressure climbs to maintain a setpoint when I lower my pulse. I confirmed this by charting it with the My Blood Pressure software.

    I still try to use it though (as well as a new biofeedback gadget called Zona I just bought) as I think my heart rate should be lower. Before I started seeing my doctor for hypertension, my pulse was about 64 most of the day — not when I was exercising, but the rest of the day, working in my home office, doing laundry, etc. On medication it rarely goes much below 80, even my RHR, and this disturbs me.

    FWIW, I do walk a lot more than 15 minutes a day — I used to run at least three miles daily, though I run very little now because of hip bursitis. But I do some kind of exercise about an hour a day — unfortunately I had to stop using a rowing machine when BP meds made me too dizzy on it — and also eat a low salt diet, veggies and fruits, etc.

    I’d be interested to hear feedback on the Zona, which fits my personality more. Every med I’ve tried has made me sick. In fact, my doctor told me to stop taking a diuretic a few weeks ago as my sodium balance had gotten dangerously low. (Too low sodium can kill you; in fact, several marathon runners have died from it in recent years.) To be honest, except for an eye problem that the doctor thought might be related to hypertension, I would take my chances with it — when my blood pressure is higher I feel a hundred percent better.

    Anyway, thanks for the news articles and forum, as well as the My Blood Pressure software.


  3. Kellie says:

    Hi Shelly,

    Thank you for sharing the details of your experience with Resperate. It is great to learn more about it!

    It sounds like using Resperate is relaxing and nice to do. However, if it’s not lowering your blood pressure, then I understand why you don’t use it all the time. Considering you suffer terrible side affects from bp medication it would be great if products like Resperate and Zona actually lowered your blood pressure.

    So glad to hear My Blood Pressure has been of help to chart the impact of Resperate, Zona and other changes on your bp and heart rate. I would love to hear how Zona works for you, and if any readers have used it please share your thoughts with us.

    Thank you Shelly and Ray, so glad you are enjoying the news articles.

    Thanks! Kellie

    • Shelly1941 says:

      Hi Kellie,

      Was on your website renewing my backup plan, glanced at the message boards and saw your request for feedback on the Zona. I’ve used it several years now, and while my BP isn’t lowered to 120/80, it does keep it about 140/90. I’ve been taking losartan also, so I wasn’t sure which was working, but Labor Day (Sept. 2) I tripped and broke my thumb. While it was in a splint, I couldn’t squeeze the Zona with that hand, and my BP immediately went up 15 or 20 points.

  4. John Gorham says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I had heard of Resparate but it was your posting and a simultaneous sale at Costco that prompted me to try it. I have found it does work for me. I have only had it for about two weeks but each 15 minute session brought my blood pressure down from 10 to 25 points. The whole key is to breath deeply and slowly. By the end of each session I am taking 5 to 6 breaths per minute.

    So, thanks Kellie for drawing my attention to this product.


  5. Kellie says:

    Hi John,

    That is great to hear Resperate has helped you!

    A decrease in blood pressure of 10 to 25 points is a significant drop. You must be happy with that result in 2 weeks. I guess it’s effect will last as long as you continue the breathing exercises, which seems worth doing in your case. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way for Shelly though.

    So glad the Resperate study review was a help.

    Thanks! Kellie

  6. Ray says:

    Interesting information from John and Shelly. I might have to give it a try! Ray

  7. mattie says:

    I have used Resperate for a year now without any drop in blood pressure which is very disappointing as I cannot tolerate conventional mediation. I have given it a fair chance and indeed have used the device twice daily.

    • TONY says:

      tony here two shaaaaooo i bought one resperate last december 17th 2012 it is now july 2013 no results at the moment warm regards tony, 2013 at 3:12 amI have used Resperate for a year now without any drop in blood pressure which is very disappointing as I cannot tolerate conventional mediation. I have given it a fair chance and indeed have used the device twice daily.

  8. tony says:

    YOUR POSTING IS A CARBON COPY have used Resperate for SIX MONTHS now without any drop in blood pressure which is very disappointing as I cannot tolerate conventional mediation. I have given it a fair chance and indeed have used the device twice daily.where do you co from hear REGARDS tony

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