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Weight training can reduce cholesterol

A study by researchers at West Virginia University shows that weight lifting can lower cholesterol.

The study shows that weight lifting is not just for bodybuilders – it’s good for everybody!

Video: Weight lifting for beginners

This video explains how to do bicep curls correctly – a simple weight exercise you can do at home with dumbbells.

The weight training and cholesterol study

The researchers analyzed data from 29 studies with 1,329 men and women of varying ages and body weights. Among those who lifted weights, there was a decrease of:

  • 3% in total cholesterol
  • 5% in LDL, or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”)
  • 6% in triglycerides.
  • There was no change in HDL (“good cholesterol”)

The American Heart Association funded the study which recommends both aerobic exercise and weight training for improved cardiovascular health.

Researchers comments

Lead researcher George Kelley said, “These results are important for two reasons. First, it was previously thought that lifting weights had little if any effect on cholesterol levels. Second, we believe that our findings are practically important.”

He added, “For example, the decreases we observed in total cholesterol would be equivalent to a five percent decrease in the risk of heart disease.”

The study was published in Preventive Medicine journal.

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