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Weight reduction surgery animation

It is that time of the year when I normally end up eating and drinking way too much :-)

I came across this video animation explaining how the various weight reduction surgery (bariatric surgery) techniques work. I did not realize the variety of operations that were available.

Somehow it seemed a fitting reminder to not go too overboard this Christmas :)

I also had no idea just how radical some of these surgeries are. These doctors really go for some big internal “re-organizations”. I found it very interesting to see what they could do.

I know somebody who is considering this kind of surgery. I can see why it is such a hard decision to make.

About half way through the video it will explain the roux-en-y gastric bypass and start graphically explaining the various procedures; Gastric Banding, Vertical banded gastroplasty, Lap-Band, Biliopancreatic diversion.

I know this is a deadly serious topic, but I couldn’t help but think of kids playing with train tracks and reorganizing them to make different tracks, and adding bridges, tunnels, loops and other obstacles. It is amazing what doctors can do these days!

Thank you again to Nucleus Animation, who also did the heart attack animation we featured a few weeks ago, for their excellent videos!


4 Responses to “Weight reduction surgery animation”

  1. This type of surgery is not to be taken lightly! I was surprised at how drastic it is. I had heard of bariatric and lap band, but not known what it was.

    I think this surgery should be a last resort for anyone. As you know I am a fan of exercise and watching what you eat. Easier said than done! – I know. :)

  2. HNW says:

    Yes I agree with Kellie It is Drastic Surgery. I do know someone who has been banded. He lost alot of weight but when the band was removed the weight came back !!!!!!

  3. I had a couple of facebook friends share with me that surgery should be the very last resort.

    I read an article this morning “Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With One Small Change” on Diet Blog and loved the simple tips. Small changes to diet and exercise can make a difference to your weight!

    If you are on facebook too, I’d love to hook up!

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks HNW and Kellie for your feedback. Just for the record: no I am not considering surgery!

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