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Support Forum Topic: Weekly averages
Started by: Steve (My Health Software Support)
Date: May 14, 2009

Was just asked this question:

> Is there a way to get a weekly bg average ? My doctor would love
> that she like to see the averages on a weekly bases

Yes, you can do this by clicking on the “Study readings” task, and then clicking on the “Averages History” tab.

At the top you will see the “time period:” link. Click on the link and then click on “Weekly average”.

You should now be looking at a list of weekly averages.

If you want to print this out for your Doctor, click on the “Print averages” task.

Note: The full list of choices is (‘30 Minute Average’ ‘1 Hour Average’ ‘3 Hour Average’ ‘6 Hour Average’ ‘12 Hour Average’ ‘Daily Average’ ‘2 Day Average’ ‘Weekly Average’ ‘Half Month Average’ ‘Monthly Average’ ‘Quarterly Average’ ‘Seasonal Average’ ‘Half Year Average’ ‘Year Average’)


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