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Does weather affect asthma?

It’s been a theory for years, that changes in weather can cause asthma flare-ups in children.

Now a new study from the University Of Michigan backs up the claim.

The weather study

The research team looked at emergency department admissions at large children’s hospitals in Michigan over 2 years. During that time, about 35 children a day were admitted with worsening asthma symptoms. That is a lot!

Researchers then looked at weather patterns each day for the same time period, including humidity, temperature, air pollutants, and allergens.

What the researchers found …

In total there were 25,401 asthma visits by children to the emergency department in the year.

They found visits to pediatric emergency rooms for asthma attacks go up after a decrease or increase in humidity of 10%. Another reason for asthma flare-ups was an increase in temperature of 10 deg F. There was no effect found with changes in barometric pressure.

Lead researcher Alan Baptist said, “A 10% increase in humidity 2 days before the admission day was associated with 1 additional visit to the emergency department.” He added, “For temperature, an interday change of 10 degrees one day before the admission resulted in 2 additional visits.”

NOTE: This study is not offering medical advice and parents should still continue to treat a child’s individual symptoms regardless of the weather.

The study was published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology journal.

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One Response to “Does weather affect asthma?”

  1. Rob Sharman says:

    I developed asthma in my early 30’s and find that my asthma is worse during the pollen season between the end of May and mid-September. Outside this period, I find that I rarely have to use my salbutamol evohaler and can virtually leave the control of my asthma to my salmeterol alone.

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