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Water fountains can help prevent obesity

I loved the simplicity of this unique study. Water fountains were added to a group of schools as well as the message that drinking water is good for you. The small change of drinking more water lead to a significant change of 30% in weight of the children!

I know this study is about school water fountains. However, the grown ups can do the same by carrying a water bottle or keeping a jug of water on the desk while we work. Along side the coffee cup of course! :)

Video: The benefits of water

This video quickly highlights the reasons why dieters should drink more water. It has some good reminders. After I watched it, I felt compelled to drink more water.

The school water fountains study

Researchers placed water fountains in 32 German grade schools in socially deprived areas in 2 German cities. The researchers randomly weighed and tracked 2950 second and third graders in the schools.

Water fountains were placed in the schools and the teachers presented lessons in the classrooms to promote the health benefits of drinking water. The children were given their own water bottles that they could fill each school day.

The results

At the beginning of the study, there were no differences between the schools of the number of overweight children. However, at the end of the school year, the children in the schools which had water fountains were 30% less likely to be overweight.

The researchers suggested that the water fountains helped those children who were borderline overweight by preventing them from progressing into the overweight group.

The study did not track food consumption or the many factors that influence weight and weight gain. However, it does suggest that increasing the amount of water you drink daily can contribute to a healthy weight. The study was published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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