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Walking on uneven surfaces lowers blood pressure

Source: Medi Lexicon news
Cobblestone walking good for seniors, lowers blood pressure among other things

Source: Science Daily
Cobblestone walking advised for health

Source: Lex 18 News
Study: Walking on cobblestones reduces blood pressure

Our Summary

A number of stories have been recently published about a study done at the Oregon Research Institute which showed that walking on uneven surfaces (cobblestones) reduces blood pressure more than walking on flat surfaces

The study was done by getting people to walk on Cobblestone mats which are available to purchase from the Oregon Research Institute

While this all sounds a bit strange at first, when I think about the times I have walked on cobblestones, I have found it to be relaxing and it feels a bit like walking and meditating at the same time.

We don’t have many cobblestones in Sydney — I might have to buy Steve a cobblestone mat for Christmas!

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