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A study of 180,000 patients globally showed that a persons waist circumference is a better indicator of health risks than BMI. (Body Mass Index)

Currently, doctors gauge cardiovascular risk by a persons BMI. Researcher Professor Lau believes waist circumference should also be used to assess cardiovascular risk.

Prof Lau said, “I think this(waist circumference) is going to be one stand-up measurement in family practices and even among specialists. It gives more of an idea of what risk this patient faces, especially on heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.”

Excess abdominal weight is considered to be a waist circumference of over 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men.

Waist circumference is considered an indicator of the risk of developing the following medical conditions:

  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • coronary heart disease.

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