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Avoid extra inches on the waist

I know that BMI doesn’t always tell the whole story. A fit and healthy athlete may have an ‘overweight’ BMI due to the weight and bulk of muscle they carry.

I thought this study was helpful as it shows that the simple act of measuring waist is an indicator of future heart problems. The study strongly links waist size to heart failure risk, even with a healthy BMI.

Video – How to take your waist measurement

This video shows how to accurately measure your waist circumference, with handy tips for men and women. It shows just how easy it is to do!

The waist size study

Lead researcher Dr Levitan analyzed data from two Swedish studies of 37,000 women aged 48 to 83 and 43,000 men aged 45 to 79 years. The men and women had their height, weight, waist circumference, and other health information assessed over a 7 year period. The researchers wanted to see the affect these health factors had on the risk of heart failure.

Heart failure occurs when the heart can no longer pump enough blood. It is normally caused by problems such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. It’s symptoms include weakness, difficulty walking and a fast or irregular heart beat.

The results: The researchers found that among women with a BMI of 25 (healthy), a waist circumference increase of 10 cm was linked to a 15% higher risk of heart failure. Among men with a BMI of 25 (healthy), a 10 cm increase in waist circumference was linked to a 16% higher risk of heart failure. Among both men and women the risk increased to 18% with a BMI of 30 (overweight).

Researchers conclusion

The researchers found that waist size was a predictor of heart failure among middle aged and older men and women. It was found to be a risk factor even when BMI was in the normal range. It adds to the growing evidence that waist circumference is an important factor in heart health. The research was published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Heart Failure.

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