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Support Forum Topic: v3 beta installed; first impressions
Started by: Randall
Date: November 29, 2008

I have installed the v3 Build 253 beta, and tried to play with all the menus, links, and features.

I haven’t run into a single bug!  It works great, and is a very nice reworking of the version 2 program.  Well done!  Cheesy

Although the program would be fine as it is, I want to share some of my first impressions. Many of these are simply my personal preferences.

1.  Upgrade installation:  was very smooth.  Instructions were easy to follow, and process required minimal user action.

2.  Licensing:  I ran software in trial mode for a few days, then installed the license.  The License Manager is very nice.  Easy on the eyes, and clear instructions.  When using my preferred Firefox, the license file would not copy to clipboard, but the pop-up window instantly explained how to do it manually.  Internet Explorer copied to clipboard just fine.

3. In the Study Readings window, I would decrease the default width of Description column, getting rid of extra space and bringing the data closer to the description/category/event. I would also increase the width of Pulse Pressure column so it at least is wide as the heading itself (as it is now, it displays “Pulse Pr…”)

4. In the Study Readings window, when “View Common Categories” is clicked, it brings up window labeled “Add Categories”.  Perhaps the “View Common Categories” could be changed to “Add Categories” for consistency.  Or maybe “Add/View Categories”. Something like that.

5. In this “Add Category” window, it defaults to the second “Category Presets” tab.  Some users might not realize that you can  click one of the five blue presets to add them.  At first glance it looks like an informational window only, not one you can click in.  Perhaps change the tab titles to “Add Custom Category”, and “Add Preset Category”.  Make the Preset Category the first and default tab, since this is what most users will utilize.

6. Add Reading: I prefer to use the keypad part of my keyboard to enter readings.  It is nice to be able to use keyboard arrows (up and down) to change value.  It would be helpful to me to have the “+” and “-” keys to do the same thing.  It would also be helpful to me to have the ENTER key tab through Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, then onto Add Reading button.  Then I could do the entire Add Reading step very quickly, with one hand and keypad area.  Also by having Enter key tab through the three readings might help avoid adding a reading before all three values were entered.

7. View Charts: Although the default colors are good, and easy to read, I prefer Green-Yellow-Red (like the Percentages bar graph).  This is easier for my brain to instantly process as Good-Caution-Bad.  I think doctors might prefer this also, as they want to digest the most important information from the chart as quickly as possible.

8. View Readings: Again personal preference, but I would prefer default sorting to be new readings FIRST rather than new readings LAST.

10. View Charts: When the legend is displayed by clicking mouse button, I would prefer to see the Closest Reading part at the top, and the Crosshair Location part at the bottom.  When I click on the chart, I am primarily looking for the value of an actual reading, not a point on the line in between two readings (although it is nice to have this information available also).  Also, is it possible to have this legend come up with a short hover rather than requiring the user to click?

11. I understand the intentions of the Locker Center, but I prefer to do my own back-ups, and have a good system for doing so.  I can see the files that need backing up, but it might be helpful to at least have the directory spelled out somewhere for those who prefer to back up files themselves but don’t know where they are.  Perhaps have it in the My Blood Pressure Help.

Thanks for the upgrade.  You two obviously know what you are doing, and like to do it well!



One Response to “v3 beta installed; first impressions”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Randall,

    Thank you for the detailed feedback and your suggestions. Very much appreciated!

    I think your suggestions are good and have made a note of all of them. At this stage we are just bug fixing, but I will look into some of the usability issues you raise and save the rest for a followup release.

    Again thanks for taking the time to write this!

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