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Tutorial: Online Locker

The latest versions of all our software programs can automatically upload backups of your readings and settings to our secure server.

While you should always make backups of all your hard drive documents, I have learned the hard way personally, and from speaking to literally hundreds of people, that having more backups is always better. More on this later.

Opening the Locker Center window

All information about your Online Locker, and its tasks and settings can be accessed through the Locker Center window.

You open the Locker Center window by clicking on the Locker center… task on the Home page. Alternatively you can click on the Tools menu and then click on Locker Center.

The Locker center… task is circled in red in the screenshot below:

Online locker status

Online Locker status

To check whether your program is making backups to the Online Locker, firstly open the Locker Center window as described above.

If backups have not been turned on, or if there is a problem, you will see a warning message similar to the screenshot below:

Online locker status

If you see the same red warning message as in the screenshot above, click on the Turn on Online Locker backups link to enable backups to the Online Locker.

If there is any other problem stopping the backups from occurring, a warning will be displayed here along with the recommended action to fix it.

How backups to the Online Locker work

Once a day, any users that have been changed since the last backup are encrypted and securely sent to the Online Locker server. If the program encounters a problem doing this, you will be informed in the status area as described above, and also by a news item that will appear on the program’s Home page in the News section.

If at any time you need to restore your readings from the Online Locker, open the Locker Center window as described above, and then click on the Restore task and follow the prompts. The steps involved in restoring readings are illustrated in the screenshots below:

Locker page 1

Locker page 2

Locker page 3


When you first purchase one of our programs you get a free trial subscription to the Online Locker. Once this trial has finished you can purchase a one-year subscription to use the Online Locker for $US9.95. To do this, open the Locker Center window as described above. Then click on the Subscription task, then click on the Online Locker’s secure web page link. This will take you to a webpage where you can securely purchase a subscription.

Turning off backups to the Online Locker

To turn off backups to the Online Locker, open the Locker Center window as described above, and then click on the Backup task. Uncheck the Enable backups to the Online Locker checkbox. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Online locker

When the above checkbox is unchecked, you will not be reminded or nagged that your subscription to the Online Locker has expired.

General backup advice

If you do not do any backing up of your computer, I would strongly recommend that you do. At the least you could buy a cheap external USB drive and copy across your important files and folders.

Hard drives are not made to last forever. Sooner or later your hard drive will fail, and you will likely lose everything on that drive.

If you are running an older version of Windows, the following Microsoft article describes a few ways that you can backup your documents: Windows XP Backup Made Easy. For more recent versions of Windows, have a look at: Backup and restore in Windows 7.

If you backup your Windows documents, this will also backup all your readings and settings from all of our programs.


2 Responses to “Tutorial: Staying safe with the online locker”

  1. Roeland Hekker says:

    Dear Reader,

    Your program is great. One feature I would like to see added is the possibilty of having my readings on-line. Most of the time I take my readings in the office, so in the weekends I don’t and when I travel I don’t. If there was an on-line version that allowed me to up-and download current readings that would be great.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Roeland,

      You can do this with the Online Locker.

      If you restore a user from the Online Locker, the program will look for users on your hard drive that have the same name. If it finds one, it will offer you the choice to merge the readings from both of the users.

      This would allow you to enter readings on your laptop, and periodically restore that user back to your desktop and merge in any readings entered on the laptop.

      If you need more help on how to do this, email me at: or post your questions here.

      Hope this helps!

bottom Steve