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Air pollution linked to adult asthma

I did a review on a study last year that showed air pollution increased blood pressure levels in adults.

Now a new study has shown that traffic air pollution has been linked to asthma in adults, even in those that have never smoked.

The pollution and asthma study

The researchers wanted to see if adults who lived in areas with high traffic air pollution were more likely to develop asthma as an adult. Studies had shown that link with children, but not with adults before.

They tracked 2725 Swiss adults who had never smoked over an 11 years period. They were aged 18 to 60 years when the study began in 1991. The researchers placed equipment to measure air pollution emissions outside their homes. During that time 41 of the group developed asthma.

The study results …

The results showed the adults whose homes had the highest amount of traffic related air particles had 50% to 100% higher risks of developing asthma, compared to those who lived in areas of low levels of traffic related air pollution.

The research is consistent with other studies which have shown the negative impact that traffic related pollutants have on health. The researchers suggest ‘clean air’ policies should be developed to protect public health.

Lead researcher Dr Kuenzli from the University of Basel in Switzerland concluded, “Toxic pollutants originating from traffic play a role in the development of adult asthma.”

The study was published in the journal Thorax.

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