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Telephone counseling helps weight loss

I believe it takes a lot of support and help to lose weight. New research shows that to be true. :)

A friendly phone call from a counselor may be a help for dieters who need to lose weight, according to a study. People who received a phone call lost just as much weight as those who had face to face counseling.

The weight loss counseling study

A group of 376 obese people (body mass index 30 and above) were studied for a period of 6 months, whilst taking a weight loss medication Meridia.

The participants were randomly assigned to 4 different groups, those who received counseling either; face to face, over the telephone, via e-mail, or no counseling at all.

The researchers studied the participants at the end of the 6 months and assessed their body weight, waist circumference, lipids, glucose and insulin levels and blood pressure.

The study results

The researchers found that those receiving the face to face counseling lost the most weight, with telephone counseling achieving a close result. The results after 6 months showed:

  • The face to face counseling group lost 9% of their weight.
  • The telephone counseling group lost 8% of their weight.
  • The email counseling group lost 6% of their weight.
  • The group who had no counseling lost 5% of their weight.

Researcher Dr Digenio explained that telephone counseling could help reduce the cost of visits to doctors or dietitians, which could help the patient stick to the weight loss program in the long term.

The research was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and was funded by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

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