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Have asthma? Go for a swim!

I love to swim, it’s my favorite exercise. So I was happy to review a study that confirms the health benefits of swimming. :)

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise that benefits the lungs and rarely triggers an asthma attack.

Researchers studied a group of children to find those who took a swimming program had significantly less asthma symptoms.

The swim study

Previous studies have shown that swimming doesn’t trigger asthma attacks like other sports can. What they wanted to find out was whether swimming had benefits for asthmatics.

The researchers split 30 children with asthma into 2 groups:

  • One group received regular asthma treatments.
  • The other group received regular asthma treatments and a 6 week swimming program.

The severity of the asthma was measured by pulmonary function tests, peak expiry flow (PEF) and asthma symptoms.

The swim study results

There was a significant improvement in the peak flow expiry rate (PEF) in the swim group. They found:

  • The swim groups PEF was 330 litres/min of air.
  • The other groups PEF was 252 litres/min of air.
  • An improvement in the severity of asthma symptoms in the swim group.

The researchers conclusions …

The swimming group had a significant improvement in the asthma. What’s more the positive impact was seen for 1 year after the 6 week swim course ended.

The researchers wrote in conclusion, “Swimming may be an effective non-pharmacological intervention for the child or adolescent with asthma.” The study by researchers at the Taipei Medical University was published in the journal Respirology

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