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Beware of stroke symptoms

How do you know if someone is having a stroke? I wasn’t sure!

Strokes affect millions of people every year. Recognizing the symptoms could help save a life. If you delay 1 minute in getting treatment for a stroke, you could lose 2 million brain cells.

I have included 2 videos which show the classic signs of stroke to look out for and what to do if someone has had a stroke. The first video shows how a doctor checks for symptoms, the second is hard to watch at times as it shows someone having a stroke.

First video: How to identify stroke symptoms

Thank you to Healthbeat and KOAT for use of the video.

Second video: Watch someone have a stroke!

This video is an UK NHS advertisement about what to do when someone has a stroke. It clearly shows what happens when someone is having a stroke. It is a little uncomfortable to watch, but it will make you 100% aware of what to look out for.

Thank you to CometMcNaught for use of the video.

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6 Responses to “Beware of stroke symptoms”

  1. Steve says:

    Great to know!

  2. Helen says:

    This was hard to watch but we should all be aware

  3. Very disappointed that this video was removed. A blank screen does not help me understand what a stroke looks like.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Carole,

      Thanks for letting me know about the missing video!

      I have updated the link to a working version of the video. You should be able to see it now.


  4. John S. says:

    Good article Steve. Additional information on TIAs (transient ischemia attack) is important to understand. A very brief loss of vision in one eye is a classic TIA. It can last for several seconds to a few minutes. The vision may or may not come back to normal. Also, important to know, especially for younger people, is that an “ocular” migraine can also impair vision temporarily. It is best to get any transient vision problems checked out immediately.

    • Steve says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the information! I will do some reading on Transient ischemic attacks.

      Appreciate all your comments and feedback!

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