Stories of people who monitor their blood pressure
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People who Monitor their Blood Pressure

The following pages are stories and interviews with people who monitor their blood pressure.

Colin Slater keeping track of his blood pressure readings allowed him to have cataract surgery.

Rodney Turner curing sleep apnea has helped to reduce his blood pressure.

David Zagrodnik David suffers from erratic readings which has his doctor puzzled.

Ken Pykett highlights the negative impact work related stress can have on blood pressure. The story was written by Ken’s wife.

Alison’s family suffers from a rare tumor (Pheos) which can elevate blood pressure levels and heart rate.

Dr. Norman Kaplan Kellie interviews Dr. Norman Kaplan — a world renowned authority on hypertension and author of the best selling Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension.

Ron Sisco home monitoring affected how both the cardiologist and family doctor have adjusted Ron’s medications.

John Sanders home monitoring is almost a must these days. John is a RN and has seen the effects of high blood pressure first hand.

Frank Taylor an octogenarian who has been dealing with high blood pressure since his 60s. Frank discovered he had high blood pressure over fifteen years ago, and it continues to be too high and varies quite a lot during each day.

Tom Dent white coat syndrome and anti-anxiety meds for high BP. Tom has had high blood pressure for a number of years, and finds that after being on a medication for a while, it becomes less effective. Tom also finds that he only records normal (120/80) readings after sitting for 15 minutes to an hour.

Daniel Eaton Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). In early 2005 Daniel developed POTS. This sends his blood pressure and pulse skyrocketing when he stands up. Daniel’s story highlights how finely tuned the bodies mechanisms are for regulating blood pressure, and how bad it can be when things go wrong.

Ian Ross both high and low blood pressure. Ian has experienced the effects of both his blood pressure being too high and too low.

Michael Stichel stress led to readings of 180-190 over 90-110. Michael now has a healthier lifestyle than in the past, but still had an episode where his blood pressure reached severe hypertension levels — probably due to job stress. Michael monitors his blood pressure at home and his readings currently average 120-130 over 75-85.

Dr. Tom Floyd blood pressure should be below 120/75. Dr. Floyd used to have a blood-pressure of about 135/85. This article explains why you should aim for below 120/75 and what happens to your body if your blood pressure is slightly high.

Michelle C. blood pressure always high at the doctors. Michelle is 37, and for a number of years was told her BP was high when she visited a doctor. She started home monitoring and as can be seen from her charts, her readings at home are solidly in the normal category (most below 120/80).

William Stewart high blood pressure under control. William is 75 and has been healthy all his life. He developed high blood pressure in his 70’s. William is on several medications and recently started taking aspirin each day. His blood pressure readings have been trending down.

Tom Messermonitoring blood pressure after heart surgery. Tom is 63, lives in Texas, USA and had bypass surgery in January 2004. Since then he has been home monitoring his blood pressure, and was able to spot one incident when it went up to 226/119.

Steve AlanHeadaches and hypertension result in a stay in hospital. Steve is the programmer of My Blood Pressure. His original story was published here: High Blood Pressure. Steve suffered from regular headaches, which disappeared after being diagnosed with hypertension and starting medication.

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