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Steve’s blood pressure chart

Over the past month, Steve has been working on a number of videos which explain what a blood pressure chart is. The video that we decided to upload, shows his own blood pressure chart from 2004 to 2006.

I know it has taken him a lot longer to finish the video than he first thought. I got to see the first draft about three weeks ago, and I had the unpleasant job of having to tell him that it was the most boring YouTube video I had seen in a long time. :) (Sisters are allowed to say those kinds of things!)

Fortunately, he went away and kept working on the video, and I think that now, it is a much more personal, and interesting video. There are a few video and audio glitches, however it was recorded using a cheap WebCam, and he is no Steven Spielberg :)

The video is best viewed at full size on the YouTube website, and clicking on the video below will take you through to watch it on YouTube.

Steve does have a fairly thick Australian accent, so I hope you can understand him :-) If you like the video, we would appreciate it if you click the thumbs up “Like” button on YouTube, and/or use the YouTube “Share” buttons to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Steve's blood pressure chart video


9 Responses to “Steve’s blood pressure chart video”

  1. KellieMyHS says:

    Steve, this video is great! It really shows how healthy your blood pressure is now, compared to when you were very ill in 2004. Thank goodness :)

  2. Aldo Mosti says:

    Don’t be too hard on hard on that Aussie Spielberg fella. right now, he’s my favorite programmer! God bless both of you.
    Regards from Texas.
    Aldo Pepperroni

  3. rshew says:

    Great Video,
    Hope I can achieve what you did with your Blood Pressure and “MY Blood Pressure” software is a great start for me!

  4. beringpad says:

    How often should I take my blood pressure? I have it checked when I visit my Doctor 4 times a year, but I feel that I should start checking it myself. What is the optimal amount of checking your blood pressure annually?

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