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Spit test for diabetes looks promising

I just had to share this great news for diabetics! :) Researchers are working on developing a ’spit test’ for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes.

Researchers are working on this painless and non invasive way to detect and monitor diabetes. The hope is that it will increase early diagnosis and improve patient monitoring of diabetes.

The spit test dream …

The researchers hope that the spit test could be performed for a small cost in a Doctor’s office or at home. They hope that one day diabetes spit tests will be sold off the shelf in pharmacies, just like pregnancy tests are sold.

Unfortunately though this dream is not quite reality, yet!

The spit test study

Scientists examined the saliva of 40 patients to find bio markers that indicate whether a person has diabetes. In the study; a third had diabetes, a third had prediabetes and a third had healthy blood glucose levels.

The researchers wanted to find out if proteins in human saliva would indicate prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. They found 487 unique proteins in saliva. Of these, 65 proteins showed a difference between patients with healthy blood glucose levels and those with diabetes or prediabetes.

The researcher’s comments

Lead researcher Dr Nagalla believes these unique proteins in diabetics saliva has great potential for helping to develop new therapies in diabetes. He also adds that it is too early to tell if it could be an accurate way to monitor diabetes.

I am sure a painless and inexpensive spit test would be welcomed by all diabetics!

Dr Nagalla, associate professor of pediatrics at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, at Oregon Health founded Diabetomics, a medical diagnostics company focused on diabetes. The study finding were presented at the American Association of clinical endocrinologists meeting.

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