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Soy may lower blood pressure

Source: nutraingredients.com
Soyfoods lower blood pressure, especially in older women

Source: HOI-19 News
Soy for High Blood Pressure

Our Summary

The HOI-19 News story contains some nice introductory information on blood pressure, including an explaination for what the difference is between Systolic and Diastolic: …the force of blood as the heart beats (the systolic pressure) and the force as the heart relaxes between beats (the diastolic pressure). The introduction continues with information on normal vs high blood pressure.

The story then talks about ongoing research that may show that a compound found in soy products may lower blood pressure.

The nutraingredients.com goes into a bit more detail including: A new trial, assessing the effect of the protein-rich food over two to three years, has found that soy intake was inversely associated with both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, particularly among elderly women.

The bottom line is that research is continuing, but it seem that soy=good!

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