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Fun and confusion over serving size

This video made me laugh and I just had to share it!

It will make you look at food labels in a whole new way. It has for me.

The ’serving size’ on a food label is what the food manufacturers think one person would eat at one time. Some of them are way out! The video looks at a range of foods and their misleading labels. It is an eye opener which will have you looking more closely at labels.

Video: Food Labels & Portion Size

This clever video is funny while taking on the serious issue of food labeling. It seems serving size can be what the food manufacturer thinks. You would think 1 muffin would be eaten by 1 person. Wrong! A muffin company labeled it for a serving size of 3, so the ’serving size’ would have less calories than the whole muffin. Who ever heard of sharing a muffin with 3 people?

Thanks to the ABC’s 20/20 and KatieClarkNutrition for use of the video.

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3 Responses to “Confusion over serving size”

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  2. John S says:

    When the muffin is the size of a softball then it must be for 3 people! Bagels have alos grown in size over the years.

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