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Take the pressure out of home monitoring your blood pressure

During a routine check up Steve Alan’s Doctor took his blood pressure. Steve recalls, “She had a worried look on her face, and told me my blood pressure was too high. She told me to go to hospital immediately and made me promise I would not ignore her warning.” Steve did go to hospital and it saved his life. He was in the Intensive Care Unit for a week and left hospital 2 weeks latter, a very lucky man.

Steve, like millions of sufferers of high blood pressure, was unaware he was at high risk for heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure commonly referred to as the silent killer often has no symptoms. Steve now monitors his blood pressure daily using a home monitor blood pressure device and has his blood pressure under control. While high blood pressure is a growing health issue for millions of people, it is a manageable disease. Lifestyle changes; diet, activity level and a range of medications are effective tools in the fight against high blood pressure.

Visiting the Doctor can be a stressful event for many. This stress can give false blood pressure readings in the Doctor’s office and is often referred to as ‘White Coat Syndrome’. Home monitoring provides a clearer picture of blood pressure health which then improves the quality of treatment received. Supplying detailed and accurate information to a health care practitioner helps the patient and their Doctor to manage blood pressure through diet, lifestyle and medication.

Keeping a daily log of blood pressure readings shows the Doctor their patients’ true blood pressure levels. Patients can either record their readings on paper or a spreadsheet or use special software like which enables patients to print off a chart or email accurate information to their Doctor.

Home monitoring blood pressure levels is an easy and convenient way of monitoring blood pressure levels which can creep up without any signs or symptoms. Home blood pressure monitors and a software program like help to take the stress out of managing blood pressure.

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By Kellie Helen
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