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Salt boosts blood pressure

A British study has clearly shown than too much salt can increase your blood pressure, according to a report.

The salt study

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, looked at a possible genetic factor that might make people vulnerable to the effects of salt on blood pressure.

However, the study of over 11,000 people found no relationship between the gene and the effect of salt on blood pressure. The people who ate and excreted more salt had higher blood pressure, regardless of genetics.

Researchers comments

Researcher Prof Blaustein at the University of Maryland School of Medicine said, “It is a carefully done study that strongly confirms the relationship between salt and hypertension [high blood pressure].”

Dr Conlin from Harvard Medical School wrote an accompanying editorial and added: “The study clearly showed that people who had elevated salt intake were the ones who had high blood pressure. That was independent of the genotype for this specific gene.”

Dr Conlin also said, “This study reaffirms that salt intake has a significant effect on blood pressure, and that is clearly something that you can control.”

For more information see the August issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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