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Resistant hypertension linked to salt

I have reviewed many studies that show a diet high in sodium and salt increases blood pressure levels. That’s why the low salt DASH diet is so effective at lowering blood pressure.

What was surprising in this small study was a high salt diet may be prevent blood pressure lowering medications from working effectively.

For those with resistant hypertension, it may be caused by a high salt diet.

What is resistant hypertension?

It is estimated that 10% to 20% of people have resistant hypertension, which means they are taking 3 or more blood pressure medications but their blood pressure remains too high.

Study links salt to resistant hypertension

Australian researchers had 12 people with resistant hypertension alternate between low and high sodium diets for one week each. In between they had a two week ‘washout’ period between the two diets.

At the start of the study the average systolic blood pressure was 146/84mmHg. That’s high considering they were taking an average of 3.4 blood pressure lowering medications each!

On the 1 week high sodium diet they consumed 5.7 grams of sodium a day, about 2.5 teaspoons. On the low sodium diet they ate 1.1 grams of sodium a day, about half a teaspoon. They continued to take their medications.

The results …

When the participants were on the low salt diet the systolic blood pressure was reduced on average by 22.7mmHg, and their diastolic pressure on average by 9.1mmHg.

The researchers admit that this study was small and further research should be done, however, it adds further evidence that lowering salt in the diet can help lower high blood pressure. The study was published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.

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