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Mozart can lower blood pressure

Listening to relaxation tapes or classical music by Mozart three or more times a week may reduce your blood pressure, according to a Washington study.

The study

Researchers studied the blood pressure of 41 seniors living in retirement communities. Researchers randomly assigned them into 2 groups.

  • Group 1 – listened to a 12 minute relaxation tape with the sound of ocean waves along with a man’s voice guiding the participants through breathing and relaxation exercises.
  • Group 2 – listened to a 12-minute Mozart sonata.

Each group was asked to participate three times a week for four months. Researchers found that the Group 1 reduced their average systolic blood pressure by 9 mm Hg, while those in Group 2 who listened to Mozart had a 7 mm Hg reduction in their blood pressure.

Researchers comments

The study’s lead author, Dr Tang from Seattle University in Washington said, “It won’t replace medicine. It can only reduce blood pressure to a certain point — it’s like making lifestyle changes. Guided relaxation training could provide a supplemental method for lowering blood pressure in older adults.”

However after 3 months, only half of the seniors had continued listening to the relaxation tapes or to Mozart three times a week. Dr Tang said the reduction in blood pressure only persisted for those who continued with the intervention program.


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