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Red yeast rice lowers cholesterol

I know people who tell me they should be lowering their cholesterol with statins but aren’t. They say they don’t want to take medication every day or they hate the side affects.

I am pleased that this study shows there may be an alternative to statins for those people. Red yeast rice is an Asian herbal medicine that has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol in a recent study.

Video: Red yeast rice a natural cholesterol remedy?

I like the way this ABC news report shows where red yeast rice comes from, what it looks like and the study behind the story. It also tells you what to look for if you are shopping. I didn’t know red yeast rice came in so many forms.

The red yeast rice study

Researchers studied 62 people who stopped taking statins, such as Lipitor or Zocor because of their side effects, commonly severe muscle pains. The whole group followed a lifestyle education program, which including learning about the benefits of nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

In addition half the group took 1,800 milligrams twice a day of red yeast rice for 24 weeks. The others took a placebo.

Those that took the red yeast rice had an average drop in LDL cholesterol of 43 points at the end of 12 weeks. That is a drop in 27%. Those in the placebo group had a drop of only 11 points or 6%.

The researchers were surprised at the degree to which red yeast rice lowered the cholesterol, and with minimal side affects. The research was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine

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