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Support Forum Topic: Random reminder?
Started by: Majid Buell
Date: July 29, 2013

How do I set the BP reminder to cycle through an 8 hour day to be able to take BP at random times or even a 12 hour day etc. I have been calling this a “roaming reminder” but I can’t seem to find something like this for a PC or Linux etc.


One Response to “Random reminder?”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Majid,

    Unfortunately there is no way to do this in the current version, but it is an interesting idea, and I have made a note of this for a future version.

    I assume what you are looking for is something like: “Remind me at a random time somewhere between 8AM and 4PM”. Is that the idea?

    If you are looking for some kind of generic reminder, you could use the windows task scheduler. It has a setting where you can “Delay a task” for a certain amount of time (including up to 8 hours), which I believe is random. Taken from:

    Delay task for or Delay task for up to (random delay): This setting allows you to specify an amount of time to delay the task from running, after the task is triggered. If you are using a time-based trigger (On a schedule), then the delay time will be a random time between the time the task is triggered and the time specified in this setting

    You can setup the task scheduler to put a message on your screen or send yourself an email etc.

    You can read more here:

    Hope this helps!
    My Health Software support

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