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Pulse pressure predicts heart risk

Pulse pressure, derived from your pulse pressure readings, is a non-invasive test which can indicate which patients with kidney disease are at risk of having fatal cardiovascular events, according to a study.

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What is pulse pressure?

Pulse pressure is an indicator of arterial stiffness and aging. When a blood pressure reading is taken, the measurement includes a systolic and diastolic reading. The difference between these 2 readings is called the pulse pressure. The pulse pressure is the force that your heart generates at each contraction.

To learn how more about pulse pressure and how it is calculated read, What is pulse pressure and is it important?

The pulse pressure study

Pulse pressure is used to measure coronary artery calcification in chronic kidney disease patients on dialysis. These patients frequently die from cardiovascular complications.

Researchers from the University of Naples Federico II in Italy, measured the pulse pressure of 388 patients with chronic kidney disease not yet on dialysis. They compared the pulse pressure to the patients’ coronary calcium scores and abdominal X-rays which measure calcification.

The results

The researchers found patients with a pulse pressure above 60mmHg had significantly higher coronary calcium scores in patients with chronic kidney disease.

The study indicates that pulse pressure may be used to identify patients with chronic kidney disease to identify those at risk of heart conditions.

The study was published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society Nephrology, February 2009.

My Blood Pressure and pulse pressure

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