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When I read this study I didn’t know a lot about psoriasis. After reading up on it, I am amazed at the discomfort that psoriasis sufferers live with.

This review is not a promise of a ‘miracle cure’. However, knowing more about how psoriasis affects the body is sure to help some.

Researchers found psoriasis sufferers had a higher risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. It suggests that psoriasis inflammation affects the whole body not just skin.

Video: Psoriasis Cure Now!

Many videos promised a cure for psoriasis. But what became clear to me was the need for more research into psoriasis. I could appreciate the humor in this video, but it comes with a very strong message too.

The psoriasis study

U.S. researchers analyzed data from the Nurses Health Study, which included 78,061 nurses aged 27 to 44 years. They were studied over a 14 year period for many health issues.

1,813 women were diagnosed with psoriasis during the study. These women were 63% more likely to develop diabetes and 17% more likely to develop high blood pressure than those who didn’t have psoriasis.

Both diabetes and high blood pressure are considered to be inflammatory conditions. As psoriasis is also inflammatory, researchers suggest that widespread inflammation in the body may be the link. The link between psoriasis and diabetes and hypertension was found regardless of weight, age and whether the women smoked or not. The study was published in Archives of Dermatology.

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