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Taking your body temperature

I was recently asked a good question in regards to taking body temperature readings. ‘Where is the best place to take your body temperature?’ Here is the information I found in my research.

The main thing I need to highlight is to be consistent! If you are tracking your body temperature make sure you take it the same way each time. That way you can compare your readings accurately.

Video: Where to take body temperature

The Medical Assistant in the video answers questions like, ‘Can you use an oral thermometer to take a reading under the arm pit?’ She offers good practical advice on where to take an accurate reading!

Where is the best place to take a temperature?

Rectal temperature is the most accurate, however as the video explained you need a special thermometer for that. Not a nice job to do either!

So that leaves taking an oral temperature as the best place to take a temperature. To ensure it’s accurate do not drink hot or cold drinks or eat food for 10 minutes prior to taking a reading. Put the thermometer under the tongue and hold the tongue down, keeping the mouth closed. Most digital thermometers will ‘beep’ when ready.

A good option, if you can’t use an oral thermometer is to place it under the arm pit. It is referred to as the axillary temperature. However, be sure to add 1 degree to the axillary temperature to make it accurate and comparable to oral temperature readings.

If you want to make a change and start taking your temperature orally after taking it under your arm, be sure to make a note of the change. You can use the ‘Categories’ system in My Body Temperature software to help you track any changes.

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