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Support Forum Topic: Payment options
Started by: Marty Rose
Date: May 23, 2011

I need to ask if there is another payment option for program.


3 Responses to “Payment options”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Marty,

    There are two options; PayPal and SWReg. With PayPal you can use your PayPal account or credit card. SWReg offer a range of payments methods such as credit cards online, and fax and phone orders.

    If for example you wanted to purchase My Blood Pressure, you can choose which payment processor you want to use on the buy page by selecting either “PayPal” or “SWReg”.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

    My Health Software support

    • Marty Rose says:

      I need the phone numbers for the payment by landline # or fax # . Pleas let me know it is not on you program or web. page as I tried to fine it.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Marty,

    To order by phone or fax, use the following instructions.

    Assuming it is My Blood Pressure that you want to buy, go to the following webpage:

    On the above webpage, in the top part where it says “Purchase using: Paypal or through: SWReg”, choose “SWReg” and then click on the “Purchase Now” button.

    This takes you to the SWReg order page. Scroll down to where it says “Payment Information”. In that section you will find options:
    Electronic Funds Transfer with Proforma Invoice
    WIRE TRANSFER with Proforma Invoice
    CHECK/CHEQUE with Proforma Invoice

    Depending on the option that you select, SWReg will then provide you with the phone/fax etc number that you need to call for your country, along with instructions for completing the order.

    Let me know if you have any problems with this.

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