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Keep your blood pressure readings safe

“My computer crashed. I’ve lost all my documents, photos and software. I have been using your software since 2007. Can I download it again? Help!”

Steve and I receive about 4 to 5 emails like this each week. We are able to help the person get the software up and running again, but often the readings and other valuable files are gone.

I know from these emails that having a computer crash is a heartbreaking and frustrating experience. I also know that it is files like photos, and those people have spent time entering, like word documents and blood pressure readings … that are most missed.

You should regularly backup all your important files. You can buy a external USB hard drive cheaply these days to copy your files. I would also recommend having multiple backups of your important files.

The Online Locker back-up

Steve created the Online Locker backup system as a cheap and easy way to keep an extra backup of blood pressure readings, which are often impossible to replace if lost.

The Online Locker is a secure personal web space where your My Blood Pressure or other My Health Software programs can automatically backup your readings and health data.

I’ll take My Blood Pressure as the example. What happens is that each day, My Blood Pressure will automatically upload each user’s blood pressure readings and individual program settings. These are then stored in the Online Locker as a backup.

What will happen if my computer crashes?

When you have your readings safe in the Online Locker, if your computer crashes or your readings are deleted or lost by mistake … there is no need to panic! Your readings will be restored by the Online Locker even if you have not backed up your own computer.

The Online Locker ensures that your readings stay safe and accessible to you.

How do I get the Online Locker?

You can subscribe to the Online Locker for 1 year for US$9.95. To do this, click on the program’s “Tools” menu, then click on “Locker Center”. This opens the “Locker Center” window. Click on the “Subscription” task, then click on the “Online locker’s secure web page” link. This will take you to a webpage where you can securely purchase a subscription.

Steve and I wanted to keep the cost of the Online Locker as little as possible as we know it will help save a lot of stress for you and us! :)

The Online Locker is available from the purchase page for our other health charting software including, My Blood Glucose, My Cholesterol, My Weight Software, My Blood Oxygen, My Body Temperature and My INR.

Before the one year is up, the program will send out a reminder so it doesn’t stop backing up your data without you knowing. If you have any questions about the Online Locker please email us at email support support@my-health-software.com Thanks! Kellie


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About Kellie

Kellie is 37 years old and together with her brother Steve makes up the My Health Software team.

She helps on the websites and gathering news for the programs. Kellie worked in the medical industry prior to having her two children (8 and 6) and has a strong interest in self awareness and management of health conditions.


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